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Arielle Pearl is an artist and lifelong New Yorker, where she works as a designer and animator at Penguin Random House. She began her design career in publishing, first freelancing at Vanity Fair Magazine, then at Penguin Random House where she has combined her love of storytelling and design and has worked full-time since 2016. Her illustrations have been featured in book titles such as Dearest New York by Deirdre Gartner (on sale October 2023), A Clash of Kings: The Graphic Novel; Volumes One­–Four by George R. R. Martin, and My Name is Venus Black by Heather Lloyd. She loves collaborating with small businesses and lending her services on independent design projects. She is a graduate of Boston University, where she studied advertising and visual arts, and refined her painting skills at BU’s studio art program in Venice, Italy. In her free time, you can find Arielle in Brooklyn with her husband and dogs, inspired by nature and traveling with family and friends.

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